Monday, December 7, 2015

Plant Life - Flower Girl - Date (1967)

Song: Flower Girl
Writer: W. Levine
Producer: Al Kasha for Genius Inc.
Recorded: 1967

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According Eugene Chadbourne in AllMusic, Flower Girl was the only disc recorded by the Orlando, Florida band called Plant Life. Members of the group included George Clark, Scott Boyer and Tommy Talton. Chadbourne noted that it wasn't a hit, but received a bit of local airplay. Although the arrangement owes much to Friday On My Mind by the Easybeats, most notably in the vocal stylings and syncopated guitar riff, the melodic Flower Girl is more inspired than a copy. It's far better than a typical garage rock record. In fact, it sounds as if it were recorded with session musicians and not by a local band. Perhaps it was. Being Easybeats-esque is never a crime, as far as I am concerned.

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Plant Life - Flower Girl - Date (1967)

 Plant Life - Flower Girl - Date (1967)

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