Sunday, November 22, 2015

Everly Brothers - Man With Money from Beat & Soul + Love Is Strange b-side - Warner Brothers (1965)

Song: Man With Money
Writers: Don & Phil Everly
Producer: Dick Glasser
Engineer: Lee Hirschberg
Recorded: June, 9 1965, Take 26

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I created a series of compilations featuring album tracks, b-sides and unreleased 60s tunes about 20 years ago featuring the kind of 60s pop that I liked. I called them Resurrection Beat Machine. I've always preferred radio pop to garage rock. It seems like more people like me have come out of the woods in recent years to share their love of 1960s pop, whether they call it Sunshine Pop, British Invasion & Beat, Freakbeat, Psych Pop, Girl Groups, French Pop, Harmony Pop or Folk Rock. Since I am on my 7th volume of 1960s CD comps, I thought I would start sharing my discoveries in a blog. If you dig vintage Brazilian music, check out my other blog:

Man With Money, written and performed by the Everly Brothers, was the first song from my first compilation. It is still as stunning to me today as the first time I heard it. Mike Sin of the Insomniacs tipped me off to an Everly Brothers / Hollies collaboration album called Two Yanks In England. At the time, I had no idea that the Everlys were producing such great work in the mid 1960s. That purchase led me to the Everly Brothers CD boxed set, Heartaches and Harmonies, which I highly recommend. Man With Money, in my estimation, was the jewel of the set. This song epitomizes everything I love about 1960s pop. Beautiful production, great singing, killer playing by seasoned musicians, harpsichord and guts. This was covered by a number of groups, including the Who, Wild Uncertainty and the Eyes, but none of those versions are nearly as good as this one.

Everly Brothers - Man With Money from Beat & Soul + Love Is Strange b-side - Warner Brothers (1965)
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Everly Brothers - rare Love Is Strange / Man With Money US picture sleeve

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